Recital Information

Recital time is both fun and exciting and a little scary for new dancers and dance parents. Here is some standard information about how the weekend usually works.


ADVERTISING is available in the program.  A business card ad is $10.00. We distribute over 1200 programs. 


BUTTONS are presented to the dancers when they know their dances and can “perform” them.  


COMBINATION CLASSES learn a separate ballet and tap dance.  Usually one of their dances is before intermission and one after intermission.  All other classes learn one dance per class.  


COSTUMES  Please remember to write your dancer’s name in all pieces of their costumes, headpieces and shoes. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOU HAVE ALL ACCESSORES!   (You can put accessories in a plastic sandwich bag and hang the bag on the costume hanger or safety pin it to the costume.)  There will be extra tights available at the recital if needed.  Make sure all combination classes have elastic in their tap shoes.   Dancers should wear their first costume to the recital so they are ready.  Make-up is encouraged so your child can be seen on stage.  Hair should not be in the dancers’ faces.  All students should have books, quiet games, etc, to use while waiting


DANCE NOTES AND MUSIC   CDs/USB can be requested after January.  You can provide me a blank CD or the charge is $1.00 if I provide the CD.


DRESS REHEARSAL is the Friday night before the recital from 4:00 – 8:00 at Clinton High School Vernon Cook Little Theatre. We block the rehearsal in half hour intervals and the times are given in the April newsletter.  We run the rehearsal in the order of the performance for the backstage crew and many, many other reasons.  You don't have to stay for the entire rehearsal. You may leave and come back. You do not have to stay for the 'finale'.   We don't wear costumes on this night, however we do use all props.  There is food sold that night (pizza/drinks, etc) if you would like to stay and watch the rehearsal. Please sit in the auditoriuM until your group is called to the stage.  You need to know the names of your dances as that is how they are called.  NO FOOD, DRINKS OR GUM IN THE AUDITORIUM AT ANY TIME!  NO EXCEPTIONS! 


DVDs of the recital are produced by T2 Productions.  The form to be completed is located in the studio lobby prior to the recital.  He does have a table set up at the dress rehearsal and all performances.  The cost is $30.00 ($35.00 if you would like it mailed to you) and must be prepaid before the completion of the last performance and included with the order form.  Please make all checks payable to him.  DVDs are usually ready for distribution in July.  


FLOWERS  (carnations) are sold at the recital performances.  


PATRON sponsors are available in the program for $5.00.  


PERFORMANCES are Saturday at 1:00 and 6:00 and Sunday at 2:00.  The dancers younger than 3rd grade are only scheduled to be in one of the Saturday performances.   Only dancers who are in 3rd grade and older are included in the Sunday performance.  The school doors will open 45 minutes prior to the performance to get your dancers situated in the commons and the theatre doors open 30 minutes before curtain.  


PHOTOS will be taken several weeks before the recital.  You will come during your normal class time but dressed in your costume with hair and makeup done.  You can order pictures if you would like but it is not mandatory.  Please have your dancer come for the group picture even if you don’t plan on ordering pictures.  The photographer will be at CHS the night of the dress rehearsal and will pass out the photos at that time.  You will need to talk to him about any problems with your photos. 

SEATING is first come/first served the day of the recital. Please do not save seats.  We ask you to stay seated during the recital. It is very distracting when people are leaving/entering the theatre constantly.  There are two volunteers with each class and they are there to supervise, help change costumes, take to the restroom and help with whatever is required. Volunteers may watch from backstage or the theatre as their class performs.  Please arrive 30-45 minutes before the show and take your dancer to the cafeteria where they will wait with their group at one of the tables.  The school doors will open at 12:15/5:15/1:15.  The theatre doors will open 12:30/5:30/1:30.  


TAP FINALE rehearsals are only for Stylettes (3rd-5th grade tap), Jr. Rockettes (6th-8th grade tap), Rockettes (9th-12th grade tap) and Adult Rockettes.  These rehearsals are scheduled during the respective classes involved the three weeks prior to the recital.  They wear their class costume.  


TICKETS may be ordered/purchased with no limits. You may pre-order tickets once April tuition and all outstanding balances are paid. We will send home a form for you to fill out to ensure that your payments are properly recorded. You can pay for your t-shirts with this form or pay for them separately when the t-shirts arrive.  (Make sure you signed up for a t-shirt if you pay for one.)   For those who prepay, you can pick up your tickets any time after they go on sale to the public which is usually two weeks before the recital.  The cost of the tickets are $8.00 in advance and $9.00 the day of the recital.  The ticket money covers the cost of the school rental, custodians, scenery, programs, tickets, and many other recital expenses.  Tickets are sold on a first come – first served basis. There are no exchanges or refunds.  Children under 3 don’t need a ticket if they sit in your lap.


T-SHIRTS are usually ready for pickup two weeks before the recital date.  The cost is $15.00.  You must pay for your t-shirt when you pick it up (if you haven’t already prepaid).  The sign-up for T-shirts is usually February – March and the artwork is posted at that time.  We provide sample sizes.  Many of the dancers wear their recital t-shirt to the dress rehearsal!


VOLUNTEERS are required to supervise each class as they are waiting to perform.  Sign-up sheets are posted in the lobby in February.  This is extremely important and very much appreciated!!!! 


The Music Lives On - Music List by Class

Mon 3:30      Three Little Birds/Come Dance With Me

Mon 4:15      Meet Me in St. Louis/Lullaby of Broadway

Mon 5:00      What’ll I Do/Hallelujah, I Love Her So

Mon 5:45      Big Daddy

Mon 6:15      Batdance                

Mon 7:00      Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Mon 8:00      In the Garden                 

Mon 8:45      Kashmir

Tues 4:00      In the Garden       

Tues 4:45      Let It Be        

Tues 5:30     Cheek to Cheek

Tues 6:15     Somebody to Love  

Tues 7:00     It’s Tricky    

Tues 7:45     California Love    

Tues 8:30     Folsom Prison                   

Wed 3:45     Little Less Conversation    

Wed 4:15     What’ll I Do/Hallelujah, I Love Her So        

Wed 5:00     Meet Me In St. Louis/Lullaby of Broadway

Wed 5:45     Three Little Birds/Come Dance With Me    

Wed 6:30     In the Garden

Wed 7:50     Time Is A Healer                    

Wed 8:30     Smells Like Teen Spirit      

Thurs 3:45   Warm It Up        

Thurs 4:30   Under Pressure    

Thurs 5:15   Car Wash                    

Thurs 6:00   In the Garden

Thurs 6:45   Time Is A Healer

Thurs 7:15   In My Defense    

Thurs 8:00   Delirious    

Thurs 8:45   Unchain My Heart                

Assistants    Strange/Hey Good Lookin    

Seniors        Love Shack




Saturday, July 25, 2020



Please get to the Masonic Temple 10 minutes before your appointed time.  There will be someone to meet you in the lobby to “direct traffic”.  Several of the teachers will be taking your dancer to the staging area to wait for their turn.  Then…

1:00 - 1:20    Dress rehearsal  (Dancers will practice on stage)        

1:20 - 1:30    Audience is seated                   

1:30 - 1:50    Performance (w/photo at end pose)

1:50 - 2:00    Audience meet dancer/exit  



1:00 - 2:00        Mon 4:15        Lullaby Broadway/Meet Me in St. Louis  

                          Wed 1:00         Come Dance With Me/Three Little Birds


2:00 - 3:00        Mon 5:00        Hallelujah I Love Her So/What’ll I Do


3:00 - 4:00        Wed 5:00        Lullaby Broadway/Meet Me in St. Louis    


4:00 - 5:00        Wed 5:45        Come Dance Me/Three Little Birds


5:00 - 5:30        BREAK              


5:30 - 6:30        Wed 3:45         A Little Less Conversation


6:30 - 7:30        Wed 4:15        Hallelujah I Love Her So/What’ll I Do


JUNIORS (3rd-5th grade and Middle School) AND SENIORS (High School) PERFORMANCE AT CHS

The Juniors are performing at CHS at 11:30 and 5:00 on August 1st.

The Seniors are performing at CHS at 2:00 and 6:30 on August 1st.


4:00–4:30 Hey Good Lookin - Somebody to Love - Under Pressure 

4:30–5:00 It’s Tricky - Let It Be - Earth Song - Cheek to Cheek - Strange

5:00–5:30 In the Garden 

5:30–6:00 Love Shack - In My Defense - Car Wash - In the Arms of an Angel

6:00–6:30 Time Is a Healer - Warm It Up - Hey Good Lookin - Unchain My Heart 

6:30–7:00 Earth Song - Bat Dance - Sisters - Love Shack - Strange

7:00–7:30 Folsom Prison - Big Daddy - Kashmir - Time Is a Healer 

7:30–8:00 In Arms Angel - California Love - Smells Like Teen Spirt - Delirious

There is NOT finale practice tonight.  


We will NOT be selling food/drinks during the Dress Rehearsal Friday night at CHS (July 31). (The Juniors are only scheduled to be there about 2 hours, so it's not an entire evening event). You can bring your own snacks/drinks, but THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. 

We will not be selling water or flowers during the recital. 

We are trying to limit the amount of exposure between people, so please plan accordingly.  



The cost of tickets at the Masonic Temple for the Littles will be $5.00 (including the day of the performance).

Tickets at CHS will be $8.00 and $9.00 the day of the event.  

I have several families that have dancers split into separate shows. I will be emailing them as soon as I finish this post to let them know about their special circumstance regarding tickets. (I have finished emailing the concerned families. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL AND YOU ARE SPLIT BETWEEN SHOES, PLEASE CONTACT ME.) We have had a policy in place since we began teaching in 1999 that actually covers this circumstance. 

If you have dancers performing in the July 25th AND August 1st performance, you will be provided tickets to the July 25th performance at no cost. Please just indicate how many you would like.

If you have dancers split into separate sections in the July 25th performance, you will only be asked to purchase tickets for ONE of the sections, not each one. 

If you have dancers split into the junior and senior level on the August 1st performance, you will be asked to purchase tickets for one of the performances and then you will be provided tickets to the other of equal or lesser value. Please just indicate how many you would like. 

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. I appreciate your patience while we figure out how this puzzle will be put together. 

(Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or I have neglected to address something.)