Class Schedule

  • Ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap  and combination (ballet/tap/tumble).  

  • Beginner - Elite.  

  • Ages 3 - adult.  


Class Etiquette


* I do not have a specific color dress code. You may wear any leotards/tights, bike shorts, dance dresses, etc.

Classes are meant to be fun for the students while teaching them the skills and discipline of dance. I generally have a relaxed atmosphere in the studio, but I do have rules of etiquette that I expect dancers and their parents to follow.

Please NO JEANS!!  Any warm-ups must be removed after the first 15 minutes of class.  We wear black shoes (ballet/tap/jazz) with the exceptions of junior/senior ballet slippers are pink and all modern sandals are tan. Tap shoes must have elastic in them to replace the ties.

* Please be sure to have hair up and out of the dancer's face. 

* Please have your child go to the restroom before class begins. We will escort little ones to the restroom 
and  would appreciate you meeting your child there so the assistants can return to class. Children that are in  multiple classes may get drinks between classes but not during.

* No drinks are allowed in the studio.

* ABSOLUTELY no gum during class or 
in the studio!

* Negative comments about peers and/or other studios/dancers will not be tolerated.

* Keep talking during instruction to a minimum.


* Dancers may refer to me as Miss Sarah and the Assistant Teachers as Miss _____.


* Stretch and warm-up before you enter the class.


* Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.