Basic Information

For new dancers and their parents there are usually a lot of questions. Here is a list of some of the “basics” of the studio. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask. (You will find information more specific to costumes and recitals on each of those pages.)



The year begins toward the end of August and ends with the recital, which is usually the end of April depending on school events and when Easter is.  Dancers that miss one or fewer classes receive Outstanding Attendance Recognition in the recital program.   You may “make-up” any missed classes at any time throughout the year at your convenience.  Suggested make-up class times are posted at the beginning of the year.  You don’t need to call ahead….just come!



We do not have a Christmas performance.



Leotards and tights are mandatory for class. Warm-ups may be worn for the first 15 minutes of class.  Please get your dancer’s hair out of their face if they have long hair (pony tails are fine).  Absolutely no gum or jeans in class or street shoes on the dance floor.   Combination class students should have elastic put in their tap shoes to replace the ribbons…see me if you aren’t sure.   We do have elastic available in the dance store and it is FREE!



We do NOT dance on the following holidays:  Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas break (we follow the Clinton schools schedule).  We DO dance during the scheduled Clinton school “Spring Break” and we still have class on the “Monday” holidays such as President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, etc.



We publish a newsletter at the beginning of each month.  The newsletter is distributed be email.  It can also be found on a bulletin board in the studio lobby or on the website. 


Observation Hallway

We provide an Observation Hallway for parents to sit and observe class.  However, I insist that parents that bring other children to their sibling’s class must supervise them.  Please be considerate of others that are also waiting and that this isn’t a stressful experience.  You are always welcome in the dance studio if you would like to take still pictures or video tape. Some parents video tape the dances for the recital so that dancers can practice at home. 



Parking is legal on both sides of 16th Avenue South.  Please do not park in front of mailboxes or in the grass.  



Tuition payments are due the 1st day of the month.  Electronic payments may be made in the Dance Store or on our FB page.  Payments may also be left in the studio 'box' (by the dressing room), mailed to the studio (1626 12th Avenue South) or handed to one of the staff members.  A $10.00 late fee will be added after the 10th of the month.  Please indicate your dancer’s name in the memo of the check and note what payment is for if anything other than tuition.  You may prepay for the year and receive a 10% discount on tuition.  If your dancer(s) takes 4 or more classes you will receive another 10% discount if you prepay early!  Twins receive a 50% discount on the second dancer!



The recital date is tentatively published at the beginning of the year and shortly thereafter confirmed.  The dress rehearsal is Friday night (4:00-8:00), two performances on Saturday  (1:00 and 6:00) and a third performance on Sunday (2:00).  The Sunday performance is ONLY FOR DANCERS IN 3RD GRADE AND HIGHER.    Dancers under 3rd grade are only scheduled to be in one performance on Saturday.   The break- down of who is in what show will be posted the first of the year.  Ticket prices are $8.00 in advance.  We do take recital pictures, sell recital t-shirts and have DVDs produced.  The dancers earn a recital button when their dance is recital ready!


Recital Costume Deposits

The first costume deposit of $45.00 is due September 30th.  The second deposit is due October 31st  (if your dancer is in two classes).  The third deposit is due November 30th  (if  your dancer is in three classes).  The balance of all of your costumes is due by January 31st.  If you are in a combination class you only need to make ONE deposit.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DEPOSIT(S) ARE ALL MADE BY NOVEMBER 30TH OR I WILL NOT ORDER YOUR CHILD A COSTUME.  My deadline for ordering costumes is December 1st.  Once costumes are ordered we are both obligated.  I cannot cancel any costumes. I will be measuring in November. We have two costume weeks to see the costumes and discuss accessories and try them on when they arrive.  The scheduled costume weeks are the 1st weeks of January and February.   I will come out to the observation hallway the last few minutes of class and show/discuss the costume with the parents/guardians.  



There is a $5.00 nonrefundable registration fee (per dancer-not per class) that is due at the time of registration.  Registration is open on April 1st.   Email reminders are sent in August for the fall classes.


We do offer limited summer lessons available in June and July. 



I am the instructor and I have Assistant Teachers that provide support.  


If you have a question about
weather or classes being canceled, check FB or the home page of this site. We follow the Clinton Schools for weather cancellations.