Our registration procedures have recently changed.

There is a $5.00 nonrefundable registration fee (per dancer and not per class) that is due at the time of registration. 

There are several ways you may register for classes.
You may register online and pay your registration fee with electronic payment. 
You may register online and mail your registration fee to the studio within two weeks.
You may mail both your registration form with your registration fee to the studio.
You may register at the studio on the first Saturday of June.

Class size will be held to a limit of 12-14 (tap lines are 16) depending on various factors.  If a class exceeds that number during the initial registration (June). some of the determining factors are as follows:
Dancers that have previously been in a class have priority. 
Dancemakers’ students have priority over new students. 
Attendance if previously a dancer at Dancemakers.
Past years tuition payments being received on time (if applicable). 

I will notify you if the class you requested is full and give you alternate options if there are any available. 
I send reminder postcards at the beginning of August to remind you of the classes you registered for, when classes start and the amount of your monthly tuition.  (If I am not able to get you into any class I will return your $5.00 registration fee.) 

I do keep a waiting list through the month of September.  There are many students who change their class schedule during the first month and I am sometimes able to move people from the waiting list into the class they requested. 

I do not take any new students after October.
Online Registration