Recital Information
Recital time is both fun and exciting and a little scary for new dancers and dance parents. Here is some
standard information about how the weekend usually works.

Advertising is available in our program.  A business card ad is $10.00. We distribute over 1200 programs.

Buttons are presented to the dancers when they know their dances and can “perform” them. 

Combination classes learn a separate ballet and tap dance.  Usually one of their dances is before intermission and one after intermission.  All other classes learn one dance per class. 

Costume reminder:  Please remember to write your dancer’s name in all pieces of their costumes, headpieces and shoes. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOU HAVE ALL ACCESSORES!   (You can put accessories in a plastic sandwich bag and hang the bag on the costume hanger or safety pin it to the costume.)  There will be extra tights available at the recital if needed.  Make sure all combination classes have elastic in their tap shoes.   Dancers should wear their first costume to the recital so they are ready.  Make-up is encouraged so your child can be seen on stage.  Hair should not be in the dancers’ faces.  All students should have books, quiet games, etc, to use while waiting

Dance notes and music CDs can be requested after January.  You can provide me a blank CD or the charge is $1.00 if I provide the CD.