Payment Policies
Tuition pricing
The monthly cost per 60 minute class is $35.00
The monthly cost per 45 minute class is $30.00
The monthly cost per 30 minute class is $25.00

The monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month.
Any payments made after the 10th of the month will incur a late fee of $10.00.

Early payment discount
If you pay the full year's tuition you receive the following discounts:
Payments received by July 1st receive a 10% discount.
Payments received by August 1st receive a 7% discount.
Payments received by Sept. 1st receive a 5% discount.
Payments received after Sept 1st receive no discount.
For example:  a 60 minute class..…$35.00/class – 10% discount = $252.00/year
                          a 45 minute class…..$30.00/class – 10% discount = $216.00/year
                          a 30 minute class…..$25.00/class – 10% discount = $180.00/year

Family Discount
A 10% discount is available to families who have 1+ children taking 4+ classes.
(The family discount can be added to the prepaid discount for a total of 20% discount.)

Twin Discount
Pay the regular price for the first dancer and half price for the second dancer.

Costume Payments
The first costume deposit in the amount of $45.00 is due on September 30th. The second deposit, for those in more than one class, is due October 31st, and the third is due November 30th. Costumes are ordered on December 1st. Your child's costume will not be ordered if you have not paid the deposit(s). The balance of the costumes will be due on January 31st. Your child will not receive a costume until the balance is paid.  Combination classes are only required to make one costume deposit.